Newspapers Are Failing — Another Bailout Coming?

I just saw this from Business Insider.



I am very glad that I’m not majoring in journalism anymore. If I wind up doing any professional writing at all in my career, I want it to be this brand of blogging, which doesn’t require me getting a degree and working in the industry for several years.

But this ought to be another motivating factor for conservatives and libertarians who are thinking about staying home on November 6.

If Romney doesn’t win, and if we lose seats in the House, what would stop the progressives from pushing a bailout for the country’s establishment newspapers? Can’t you just hear the arguments? “The New York TImes is just too important! We must save it! Think of all the history!” And so on.

I mean, they pretty much have the mainstream media in a stranglehold as it is, but this would make the government-media connection official. Am I right?


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