“reasonpundit” Going Forward


Hello all! I am back from another brief hiatus. Between a heavy work schedule and returning to school, I was very short on time this past month. I wish the opposite were true, as there was a lot that happened this August that I would have loved to talk with you about, from Obama’s now-classic “you didn’t build that” to the Republican National Convention and everything in between.

But as the title might suggest, I’m thinking strongly about changing the way I bring you commentary to a more personal, entertaining, and enlightening experience.

I love to write. I don’t want to come off as a self-aggrandizing snob, but I feel like I have always had a natural talent for writing. I haven’t had any training in writing beyond the basics that I was taught in high school. I probably need an editor more often than not, but my writing ability alone allows me to express powerful ideas, and with the help of the Internet, I can reach an enormous potential audience.

But I’m not sure if the writing is enough. In today’s age of constant connectivity, reading long-form commentary isn’t sufficient to the sensory needs of many. I can see this in myself, to a certain extent. Kids around my age have grown up with the massive explosion of technology over the last decade, and thus have changed our habits to accommodate the different mediums for entertainment, learning, and communication. We all have a little bit of ADD now. Sight and sound must accompany us everywhere we go and with everything we do.

This is why I want to change what this site is doing. I feel like I can have a much wider reach when I combine these different mediums of communication. And, as many communication scholars will tell you, “the medium is the message”; that is, if you’re not using the proper medium(s), your message is irrelevant.

ImageIf everything were to go according to my new vision, blog posts would be much shorter but much more frequent. To pick up the slack, I would start a commentary vlog or podcast that could be easily consumed and spread while on the go. This could mean a lot more work for me, but that’s not what the change is about. I want to provide my commentary in the most thought-provoking and entertaining way possible, while spreading my content to as many people as I can.

This doesn’t mean that this site will become defunct, or that you’ll be forced to check three or four different websites every day to see if any new content is available. Some content will be hosted on other websites, but links to direct you to that content will always appear here. Although, this may mean that the website will need a name change. I’m still debating that one in my head, because branding is very important to any venture.

This very likely means that the Twitter account @reasonpundit will go dark, and any updates or interesting political information/commentary will come from my personal account, @schuellerj. It’s very difficult to maintain two separate accounts without one becoming a bland shout box for links. It’s also not very rewarding, from my perspective, when I have nearly three times as many followers on my personal account than the blog account.

It’s also important to reiterate that I am trying to do all of this while going to college, trying to find a job, and trying to maintain more than basic social interaction with friends. I’m the only man behind the curtain on this one. Unless God grants me a miraculous gift, that probably won’t change any time soon.

(And, I promise, they’ll be of a higher quality than this. Or at least they should. :p )


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