The #IowaGOP Convention, In Tweet Form

Delegates on the floor at the Iowa GOP State Convention

Yesterday’s Iowa Republican State Convention was a blast, and an absolute victory for the liberty movement. If you weren’t there, you truly missed out. As the day went on, I live-tweeted the event to the best of my ability, as I was volunteering with the state party brass by tabulating votes as they came in from the county chairs. For a little more on the finer details, you can read an article on the Convention from today’s Des Moines Register here.

In short, if there are four other state conventions that go like Iowa’s did, the National Convention in Tampa in August will be a jolt to the system. It will say to the RNC, Republican voters, the media, and the nation at-large that the liberty movement is here to stay, and we will not sit down or shut up. The founding American principles of individual freedom and limited government are supposedly the bedrock of the Republican Party; if they will not be followed by the Establishment, then there must be a peaceful coup achieved through the process to reinstate those principles.

Congratulations to all who won National Delegate and National Alternate positions; to those who won Presidential Elector positions; to Steve Scheffler and Tamara Scott as National Committeeman and Committeewoman; and to the Liberty Slate that was duly constituted and passed at the Convention, including Governor Branstad and Senator Grassley.

*          *          *


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