Divide and Distract: “The First Gay President” and Media Incompetence

"The First Gay President" via Newsweek

“The First Gay President,” according to Newsweek

By now you’ve heard that President Obama came out and exposed his personal feelings toward gay marriage last week on ABC’s Good Morning America. It’s been the talk among talking heads and pundits everywhere ad nauseum. And in the spirit of the lunacy of the left, this week’s edition of Newsweek magazine has the Anointed One plastered on the front donning a “gaylo” above his noggin, with the phrase “THE FIRST GAY PRESIDENT” pasted forever on his image.

But there’s a big part of this story that these hacks aren’t willing to talk about, and that is the fact that Obama has not changed any policy positions after this reveal. This is clearly another attempt to “divide and distract” (Obama’s version of “divide and conquer”) while the mainstream media slobbers all over him like the dogs they are.

From the transcript of the Good Morning America interview (emphasis mine):

OBAMA: At a certain point, I’ve just concluded that– for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that– I think same-sex couples should be able to get married. Now– I have to tell you that part of my hesitation on this has also been I didn’t want to nationalize the issue. There’s a tendency when I weigh in to think suddenly it becomes political and it becomes polarized.

And what you’re seeing is, I think, states working through this issue– in fits and starts, all across the country. Different communities are arriving at different conclusions, at different times. And I think that’s a healthy process and a healthy debate. And I continue to believe that this is an issue that is gonna be worked out at the local level, because historically, this has not been a federal issue, what’s recognized as a marriage.

You probably haven’t heard anything past that first sentence if you’ve been watching television news coverage of this interview–and that includes Fox News, I believe. The media, the fourth estate, the harbingers of truth and objectivity no matter who is in office!, have failed yet again by aiding and abetting the strategy of the Obama administration and the left to divide and distract.

No federal policy has changed here! This is one of the few things that Obama gets right in his policy stances. Marriage is not an issue that the federal government should be meddling in. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that any of the three branches of the federal government has the authority to legislate or execute laws on marriage. That is why we have the 10th Amendment–the states decide how to legislate (or not legislate) marriage in their state. Unfortunately for us, Obama picks and chooses what can fall under the constitutional jurisdiction of states’ rights.

And as the gay pride parade is making its way through the news cycle, there are very significant stories that are being swept under the rug. Did you hear that 49 decapitated bodies were strewn along a Mexican highway near the Texas border by the Zetas, one of the most dangerous gangs in the world? Or how about the testimony from the Government Accountability Office that said that there are accessible shale oil deposits in America that amount to the entire world’s oil reserves? Is there any talk in the media about how communists and Nazis are taking power in places like Greece, France, and Germany? Shouldn’t we be worried about the impending collapse of Greece and the splitting of the European Union?

There’s the “distract” part of the strategy. Just look at the pretty picture with the rainbow colors and the smooth-talking cool-cat president!

And, unfortunately, I feel that the strategy is working on a lot of people. We must keep up the fight by educating and informing those around us.


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