“Anticapitalista”: Occupy May Day Protests Literally Destroying America

courtesy Front Page Mag

Welcome To May Day

The Occupy movement May Day protests have been in full swing since the wee hours of the morning in places like San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, Cleveland, and New York City. It has not been the nonviolent, peace-driven festival of fun that they claimed it was going to be. Between actual terrorism plots and general destruction, it is clear that these radicals will not back down without a fight.

Here’s some history on the day itself:

May Day is a “holiday” that many people aren’t aware of. From May 1-4 1886, the Haymarket Riots in Chicago were committed by a gang of socialists and anarchists who were working together to shut down the capitalist system by encouraging a “general strike” across all industries in support of the eight-hour workday. They marched along Michigan Avenue for days, and it resulted in the bombings at Haymarket Square on May 4. Progressives like to spin the history and say that the police acted stupidly (hehe) and the judges hastily convicted innocents like radical Albert Parsons in the air of the “original Red Scare,” which is a half-truth. The Left sees May Day as a celebration of labor unions and worker’s rights.

Now we have the Occupy movement encouraging the same kind of strike on the same day. And it’s not just a coincidence–they are actively advocating uncivil disobedience and, more or less, anarchy. And it’s clear that they are rebelling with the history of the Haymarket Riots and May Day in mind when they yell their favorite chant: “An-ti, an-ti-ca-pi-ta-li-sta!”

Hugo Chávez must be so proud.

The rampage began right away this morning. As Breitbart.com reports, chants of “fuck the police” and “here, piggy, piggy” in San Francisco were accompanied by the throwing of molotov cocktails, breaking of windows, throwing of garbage cans, graffiting of private property with anarchist symbols and slogans, and general vandalism.

Then later in the morning, as The Blaze reports, the FBI busted a terrorist plot–yes, a freaking terrorist plot–to bomb a Cleveland-area bridge by five anarchist freaks, some of which list Occupy Cleveland as their “employer” on Facebook. CBS, surprisingly, has more information. The Wall Street Journal has pictures of the targeted bridge.

The editors at The Blaze have also brought us a slideshow of photos from the New York City riots. Here are the highlights:

"Black Hole Finance"... You Mea, Like The Black Hole In Your Head?

courtesy of TheBlaze.com


courtesy of TheBlaze.com

Clearly, The Black Bloc Is Not Sane

courtesy TheBlaze.com

Somebody's Not Shy About Their Love Of Communism!

courtesy TheBlaze.com

SEIU Local 1199 Sighting!

courtesy TheBlaze.com

An Array Of Anti-Capitalist Literature... For Sale

Twitterers @BuckSexton (contributor at The Blaze and author of the wonderful Occupy: American Spring) and @FoolishReporter have been on the ground as well snapping photos. Here are their best from today:

@FoolishReporter in Seattle

@BuckSexton in New York City




Be sure to follow @FoolishReporter on Twitter to see more photos from today.

This is not the end. Occupy groups are making it clear that these May Day protests will go on for far longer than just May 1–they might even last all month. And, knowing the tactics of the Black Bloc, tonight’s activities will be the worst we’ve seen yet. You can follow live video of the riots as they happen here, again, courtesy of  The Blaze.


One comment

  1. Jeff Luecke

    These yahoos have two things right, we do not need a federal government except for a military to defend our shores and the other enumerated powers in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. The other thing is the Federal Reserve and the banksters need to go. They control the world. They are dead wrong on capitalism, or as I like to call it, economic freedom. No government can command and control 313 million people and their economic choices. Only economic freedom (aka capitalism) works. They best read Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, Lew Rockwell, and Ron Paul. Grow up, get a job and take a shower.

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