The #TwitterGulag: Conservatives On Twitter Sentenced With Suspensions

Chris Loesch

Chris Loesch, Obviously A Nazi

The “Twittersphere” has become a very important part of the political dialogue since it hit the social media scene in 2007. As such, conservatives have sought refuge there for the ability to reach young, active politicos while spreading the message of individual liberty as widely and quickly as possible. Liberals on Twitter always seem to have a problem with that, and tend to hit that “block” or “report for spam” button when their philosophy is being torn down by fact and logic. And to boot, Twitter officials facilitate it. Chris Loesch (husband of talk radio host and editor of Breitbart’s Big Journalism Dana Loesch) is just one of the recent victims of the left’s intolerance and hatred of debate. 

At around 9:00 p.m. on Sunday evening, Dana Loesch informed her followers that her husband Chris had been suspended on Twitter. After asking Twitter officials via their @Twitter and @support accounts, she was told that he was suspended for “replying to people,” as she put it. Then she had this to say:

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it? (EDIT: After the firestorm of conservative outrage, it seems that Twitter decided to suspend that account, even though it had been active for over a month tweeting absolutely vile rhetoric. Hmm.) After all, Twitter’s own rules say that users cannot “publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others.” There are near-infinte examples of this kind of demonic hatred from the left directed toward conservatives. Surely there are people on the right who do the same, and they aren’t exempt from the same standard.

But it always seems to be the case that conservatives are targeted for no apparent reason. They haven’t violated Twitter’s rules in any way, but their sign-in privileges just disappear without warning. But, as Twitter warrior @RBPundit theorized, it’s likely the use of the automated suspension system used by Twitter that catches these supposed offenders in their algorithmic nets:

So, again, the left proves through their own actions exactly what conservatives say about them: They can’t stand debate, so they shut it down.

What’s worse is that Twitter seems to not take this issue very seriously. As a social media website, all views ought to be protected, as long as they aren’t vulgar or threatening. But a conservative who’s just speaking their mind has been targeted and drowned out via a political attack? They have other things to worry about.

As other Twitter warriors and bloggers like @MichelleMalkin jumped into the fight, the hashtag #FreeChrisLoesch exploded with popularity. It shot up through the worldwide trending topics rankings and hit the number four position after less than an hour:

Twitchy screencaps #FreeChrisLoesch

Twitter officials eventually wised up and reinstated Chris’s sign-in permissions. But, as a result of any account suspension, he lost all of his followers–and then he got suspended again due to more left-wing e-attacks. This has prompted the next worldwide trending topic of #FreeChrisLoeschAGAIN:


Seriously? #FreeChrisLoeschAGAIN

As of midnight, his account is still suspended.

Another conservative–or, in this case, a conservative group–felt the left’s enduring fury this week. Free Market America, a subsidiary of the Americans for Limited Government PAC, was subjected to the same Twitter lynching after their YouTube video about the dismal state of the economy went viral.

Their account was restored later that day.

Clearly, the left is doing their best to send a message: “SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN. THIS IS OUR PLAYGROUND.”

Conservatives cannot let the left sentence us to their #TwitterGulag–we must fight back with everything we’ve got.

EDIT: As of 9:00 a.m., Chris’s account is still suspended. You can follow all the gory details as they happen via here.

I will be on Twitter @reasonpundit throughout the day calling out these organized folks for their cowardice. Don’t be surprised if I get suspended. If I do, you’ll hear it here first.


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